Backman-Trummer Group


Our stevedores are professionally trained, experienced and skilled in handling almost any bulk commodity that arrives in our facility. The following is a list of some of the products we have handled:

  • Iron ore
  • Iron oxide
  • Pyrites
  • Zinc and other metal concentrate
  • Limestone, quicklime, alumina clay and cement
  • Salt and soda
  • Fertilisers
  • Coal
Bulk handling

The infrastructure for bulk handling at the Port of Kokkola includes a 13 m fairway, tippler terminal and conveyors linked to the railway site, large storage areas and warehouses, scales, wheel loaders, dumpers, conveyors and trucks etc. of all sizes.

Contact persons

Joakim Laxåback
Managing Director
Tel. +358 20 777 1303
Joakim Laxåback

Henrik Hagström
Commercial Director
Tel. +358 20 777 1330
Henrik Hagström

Pasi Salmela
Regional Director
Tel. +358 20 777 1340
Pasi Salmela

Vesa Peltola
Forwarding Manager
Tel. +358 20 777 1351
Vesa Peltola